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Surface Security

Security Intelligence Automation Platform - the platform started in Flutter Entertainment PLC (Betfair / Paddy Power) as a central point for the automation of the Security processes. After a few years invested into it it became the official platform for the company and considered to be the most complete CMDB as well.

There are multiple co-founders, but the initial sparkle of the idea and a big effort to keep it visible belongs to myself (Teo), Filipe Pina, Duarte Duarte and Bogdan Oniga.

  • 2017: Initial idea while doing Penetration Testing for Betfair.
  • 2018: Idea got presented and treated as an internal startup.
  • 2019: Surface Security started to become important in Security and critical processes (such as SOC) to be built on top of the platform.
  • 2020: Maturity of the platform and Vulnerability Management fully managed from the platform.
  • 2021: Official CMDB of Betfair & Paddy Power. Additionally, Security Score concept was built based on the data from the platform that helped a lot on the discussions with the Audit or Regulators.
  • 2021-March: Presented at OWASP Timisoara, Romania -